[14] Trinket Dishes

Hey friends,

How tidy are you? I must confess, I’m usually living in a least a bit of a mess and things tend to leave the place I assigned them to.

That’s why I love small bowls, containers and dishes to quickly stow things away and feel like you’ve got your s**t together. For those bits and pieces little dishes made of airdrying clay are the perfect solution! Just shape them as big or small as you need them, let them dry and finish it off with a bit of paint. Et voilà, there you have your pretty, handmade trinket dishes!

Trinket Dishes

Trinket Dishes

Active Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 1 day
Total Time: 1 day 30 minutes

Perfect for storing small things - a stylish way to organise your chaos!


  • air-drying modeling clay (stone effect)
  • bowls in different sizes
  • craft mat & knife
  • sand paper
  • golden acrylic paint
  • paint brush


  1. Take a bit of the modeling clay and press it into a clean bowl - the shape of the bowl will be the mould for your dish.
  2. Carefully remove it from the bowl and finish shaping it with your hands until you have your desired shape.
  3. Thin the edges evenly and then cut off the uneven bits with a knife to create a smooth edge.
  4. Let it dry according to package instructions (mine took 24 hours).
  5. If needed smooth the surfaces with sand paper.
  6. Paint the edge with gold paint, let it dry and the dishes are ready for use!

Simple and super effective! I’ve got a whole bunch of them in my office – they keep things organised and look so pretty!

Stay sweet & HAPPY CRAFTING!

xx Kristin

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