[18] Christmas Mustard

Hey friends,

Time for another quick Christmas recipe – but this time it’s nothing sweet. After all the feasting on cookies and nonstop gingerbread-snacking, it’s a welcome change to have something savoury in between. 😉

This delicious Christmas mustard is quickly whipped together and makes such a great gift from your kitchen. In Germany it’s a tradition for many families to have sausages and potato salad for dinner at Christmas Eve and so the mustard can be put to good use right away. But even without a large side dish the mustard will shine, for example in a delicious salad dressing or to season sauces and gravy – try it for yourself!

Christmas Mustard

Christmas Mustard

Yield: makes about 2 small jars
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Spicy, christmas-sy and a fancy gift idea from the kitchen!


  • 2 tsp ground cardamom (or gingerbread spice)
  • 3 tsp honey
  • 1 tsp chilli flakes
  • 10 g ginger
  • the zest of one orange (about 3 tsp)
  • 100 ml English mustard
  • 100 ml Sweet mustard


  1. Peel ginger and chop it finely, then mix it in a small bowl with orange zest, cardamom, chilli flakes, honey and English mustard. For a smoother texture you can blend the mix at this point. Finally, stir in the sweet mustard and mix well.
  2. Fill into in sterile jar, close tightly and decorate the jars or add nice labels. Stored in a cool place it will stay fresh for at least three months.

I think it’s great to have a hearty gift idea from the kitchen up your sleeve and I’m sure I will give away some of those jars at Christmas. Would that be something for you as well?


xx Kristin

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