[15] Monogram Napkins + Table Decor Inspiration

Hey friends,

Today is once again all about decorating the Christmas table. To me, a nicely set table is almost as important to me as delicious food and it’s just so much fun to collect and combine decoration elements, plates & dishes.

I also have another small DIY for you to go with the table decoration inspiration. How about simply monograming a few simple cloth napkins instead of place cards and this way guiding your guests to their seats in a simple and stylish way?

Monogram Napkins

Monogram Napkins

Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

With just a few simple steps you can transfor plain cloth napkins into smart place cards.


  • cloth napkins
  • paper napkins
  • cling film
  • scissors, baking paper & iron


  1. Find yourself some paper napkins in a nice pattern or colour that will go with your decoration later. Then cut out letters in the desired size and shape. You can trace them beforehand, preferably on the back - just don't forget to mirror the letters for this step.
  2. Carefully split the different layer on one of the edges, so that all the individual layers become visible and then remove only the top, printed layer.
  3. Place it between two pieces of cling film and press together firmly. Cut around the letters leaving a bit of foil around it.
  4. Now position the letters on the cloth napkins, place a piece of baking paper on top and then iron your design. Iron until the cling film melts and fuses well with the fabric. Then carefully peel off the baking paper and the napkins are ready.

I like this idea so much – multifunctional, chic and if you want, you can give the napkins to your guests as a gift at the end of the evening!

Matching the napkins, I created a second table decoration look for you – this time brighter, a bit simpler and with a lot of ‘greenery’ … just scroll along 🙂

I got this small porcelain truck at Rossmann and I adore it! ♥

The candles in the jars are from Hema, the small stick candles are from kik, as are most of the small Christmas baubles. The small candle holders I made from air-drying clay and the lovely eucalyptus is from Blumigo ♥

Maybe there are some ideas that you can use for your own Christmas table!

Until then, stay sweet & HAPPY CRAFTING!

xx Kristin

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