[10] Thuja Tassels

Hey friends,

Today it’s all about the gifts! To be more precise: those presents that you already have at home (or will get soon) and the goal is to make them, so to speak, presentable for their upcoming duty as a Christmas gift! I myself love to wrap gifts – especially if you can come up with a little special feature or detail and this way turn the package itself already into an eye-catcher.

Of course, most of us don’t have an endless amount of time, especially in the pre-Christmas period, so the gift wrapping process has to be quick. Fast, easy, uncomplicated. That’s what these cute Thuja Tassels are about! The style is rather minimalistic but also a bit playful and I think they look great on the gifts.

Thuja Tassels

Thuja Tassels

Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Wild green put in shape and turned into an enchanting gift decoration!


  • Thuja branches
  • white twine
  • scissors


  1. Take the big branches and break them into smaller bits.
  2. Depending on the desired size, bunch a few of them together. Wrap tightly with the twine around the upper part. Tie the loose ends together and if you want to you can add a small loop.
  3. Cut off the overhanging bits at the top and trim to the desired length from below. Lightly fray with a pair of scissors and the tassel is ready.

Do you have the gifts behind the wrapping paper already sorted or are you still waiting for the right idea?

Stay sweet & HAPPY CRAFTING!

xx Kristin

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