Savoury Porridge with Spinach & Cheese

Hey guys,

I’m feeling adventurous today. Adventure number one:  When this post goes online, I’m probably somewhere in Italy, touring this beautiful country by car – looking for new experiences, big and small adventures and, ideally, a bit of well deserved relaxation. Oh, and of course, eat as much good food as possible!

‘Food’ is the keyword for our second adventure today: You might know by now that im low key obsessed  with porridge and it’s probably my favorite breakfast food. Especially on those long office days it creates the ideal basis, provides me with energy and keeps me full for a long time. Pro tip for stressful days: When you’re running late in the morning, try making your porridge in the microwave – it’s super easy and will only take 2 minutes.

But today I’m going for something that’s a little different and instead of sweet, this porridge recipe will be savoury for a change. I have to admit that I also quite like to have a hearty breakfast, so this is the perfect combination of both, how could I say no? 😅 In addition to rolled oats and oat bran, this version also includes courgette, spinach and a generous amount of cheese. Top it with a fried or poached egg and your breakfast for champions is ready to be served!


Have you ever tried savoury porridge or oatmeal recipes before? What is your favourite recipe with oats?

Stay sweet & HAPPY COOKING!

xx Kristin

Gyros Pasta Bake

Hello my zebras,

do you know that feeling, when someone invites you for dinner, cooks for you and at the end of the meal you know one thing for sure: I MUST GET THIS RECIPE! That’s exactly what happened to me after an invitation from a dear friend of my family. The catch: as it’s often the case with great home cooks, she cooked the dish without recipe and, of course, without such mundane things as ‘quantities’ and ‘measurements’ … Oh dear, what now?

Obviously, I didn’t give up so easily and played a bit around with the ingredients.  Finally, I came up with a recipe that’s pretty close to the original dish and went down very well with my test eaters. So now I can proudly present my recipe for a delicious Gyros Pasta Bake, you have to try it!


What an explosion of flavours ❤ spicy and tender meat, creamy pasta & crunchy veggies – can it get much better than this?


Stay sweet & HAPPY COOKING!

xx Kristin

Veggie fritters

Hey guys!

Ooooooft, that last week was really exhausting… so I had decided to treat myself a bit and went to the farmers market at the weekend, meandered in between the little stalls and got lost in the colours, smells and impressions. Naturally I also selected a few lucky ingredients that were allowed to hop into my basket and accompany me home.

Once I arrived in my kitchen I quickly decides to turn my prey into crunchy and colourful veggie fritters: potato, onion, green zucchini & dark red carrots – alternatively you could also use yellow carrots or yellow zucchini or orange carrots, or … you get the point 😉

Delicously crunchy and easy to make! I usually serve the fritters – or rosti, as I call them – as a big serving on their own, just whipping up a quick yogurt-y dip to go with it. But you could also use them as a yummy side dish, that’s totally up to you.




Do you like shopping at the famers market just as much? What was your greatest find or discovery so far?

Stay sweet & HAPPY COOKING!

xx Kristin